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DUTCH / HUMAP Hormone Panels

Provides a comprehensive overview of over 30 markers on reproductive and adrenal hormones including estrogen, androgen (testosterone), progesterone, cortisol and cortisone levels. This test will show the most comprehensive look at hormones and how they are all connected to another, pointing to the exact problems within the hormonal picture causing imbalances. A very effective breast cancer screening for hormone sensitive cancers. (home urine/saliva collection)
- HUMAP - $300
- Sex Hormones Profile - $200 (leaves off adrenal markers)
- Short Comprehensive Hormone Profile - $152 (estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and DHEA; 2 cortisol values)

Adrenal Function Panel
Runs a shortened panel including 4 cortisol markers and a DHEA, determining stress response, and adrenal hormone output. (home saliva collection)
- Adrenal Function Panel - $135

Complete Neurotransmitter Profile
Tests an exhaustive 30 markers in relation to neurotransmitters and mental / emotional health. This test includes serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine, melatonin, 5HTP, oxytocin, acetylcholine and many more.
- Complete Neurotransmitter Profile (30 markers) - $315
- NeuroBasic Profile (10 markers) - $195

Complete Thyroid Panel
Most thyroid testing involves only 1 or 2 markers, which do not give a holistic or complete look at the full function of the thyroid. This testing includes TSH, Free and Total T3/T4, and Antibody levels. (serum blood draw)
- Complete Thyroid Panel - $85

Melatonin Profile -
Assesses melatonin output to help improve sleep. (home saliva collection)
- Melatonin Profile - $78

Gut Zoomer / Microbiome Analysis

Assesses over 100 different bacteria, yeast, viruses, and parasites in the gut microbiome, alongside with a detailed list of your probiotic flora, telling you which flora you are lacking. It also includes a full screening of digestive markers including enzymes, HCL and bile secretion, fiber intake, leaky gut, wheat/gluten sensitivity and more. This 30 page report provides the most comprehensive digestive and gut health test on the market. (home stool collection)
- Gut Zoomer - $575
- Gut Zoomer without Pathogens - $450 (leaves off parasites, yeast and viruses)

Organic Acids Test
Runs general levels of bacteria, yeast, some neurotransmitters, deficiencies, cellular metabolism and more. (home urine collection)
Organic Acids Test - $325

Opportunist Infections
Runs viral infections including Epstein Barr/Mono, Strep, Cytomegalovirus, Parvo, Toxoplasmosis, Herpes and more.
- Opportunist Infections - $305

Neural Zoomer Plus
Runs 49 markers in relation to auto-immunity and the brain, determining a leaky gut – leaky brain correlation, and how the immune system may be effecting cognition, focus, inflammation and emotional/mental health.
- Neural Zoomer Plus - $480

IgG/IgA Food Sensitivity Testing

Food Sensitivity Testing will tell you what foods you specifically have reactions to, how high these reactions are, and the most ideal diet for your current state of health. The additives profile includes food dyes, preservative, sweeteners, pesticides, and more. (finger prick collection)

- Complete Food Sensitivity (209 foods, 50 additives, both IgG and IgA) - $530

- Basic IgG Food Sensitivity (170 foods, IgG only) - $275
- Food Additives (50 food additive, both IgG and IgA) - $240

Micronutrient / Deficiencies
Tests for deficiencies in over 30 different vitamins, minerals and animo acids both outside the cell (serum) and inside the cell. Testing inside the cell will show deficiencies for the last 3 months where testing just the serum shows more short-term deficiencies. (serum draw or finger prick)
- Micronutrient - $480
- Whole Blood Nutrient - $360 (full 30 makers, but only does the serum levels)

Heavy Metals Hair Analysis

A hair sample that runs most heavy metals such as aluminum, mercury, lead, arsenic, and barium as well as the common minerals such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper, chromium, vanadium and more. (hair sample)
- Heavy Metals Hair Analysis - $160

Environmental Toxins Test
Runs over 30 markers on toxins in the environment including pesticides, herbicides, VOC’s, phenols, parabens, phthalates, glyphosate, atrazine and many more.
- Environmental Toxins Test - $360 (36 markers)
- ToxDetect Profile – $239 (19 markers)

Toxin Genetics
Assesses 29 different genes that are associated with the bodies ability to detox and helps to determine what you need to support your bodies ability to get rid of chemicals,
- Toxin Genetics Test - $455

Oxidative Stress & Genetics Profile
Damage in the body is done through oxidative stress and this test runs 32 different genes related to oxidative damage and antioxidant production as well as 16 markers that will reflect the level of oxidative damage in the body (home saliva and urine collection)
- Oxidative Stress & Genetics Profile - $600

MTHFR Genetics
Tests for the specific MTHFR gene associated with poor methylation and detox.
- MTHFR Genetics - $75

Runs 29 markers to determine your level of mold toxicity. (home urine collection)
- Full Mycotoxins Test - $445 (29 markers)
- Basic Mycotoxins Test - $325 (11 markers)

Discounted Testing Bundles / Combo Specials:

Total Health Testing Bundle (A mix of our most popular tests!) - $995

- Includes Gut Zoomer w/o Pathogens, HUMAP and Basic Food Sensitivity Testing

Auto-Immune Testing Bundle - $1355

- Includes Gut Zoomer w/o Pathogens, Basic Food Sensitivity Testing, Toxin Genetics and Opportunistic Infections

Toxicity Testing Bundle - $975
- Includes Toxin Genetics, Heavy Metals Hair Analysis, and either Environmental Toxins OR Mycotoxins

Mental Health Bundle - $975

- Includes HUMAP, Comprehenisve Neurotransmitters and Gut Zoomer w/o Pathogens