Reaching out to others

We are happy to offer appointments to those in need at no charge. If this is you, or if you know someone that needs help we want to help. All services are available at no charge.  

Solving a Problem

Here in America, we are one of the richest countries in the world, yet our people suffer with some of the worst health conditions. With a growing number of American's that cannot afford health care, we are reaching out to those that would not otherwise be able to seek out Health Care Services, especially with a Natural approach. To qualify you must be on some sort of government assistance (Medicaid, Food Stamps, Disability, etc.).

Those seeking treatment....

In order to be seen for a free appointment you will need to contact the office and be put on our waiting list. You will then be notified when there is an opening. 

*Must be on a form of government assistance to qualify (ie. Disability, Medicaid, Medicare, SNAP, etc.) 

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