What is Naturopathic Care? 

There are 6 main principles to Naturopathic Care. Above all else, Naturopaths aim to first, do no harm. Whereas allopathic medicine comes with hundreds of side effects, Medical Doctor's can not make this same claim. Naturopaths strongly believe in the healing power of nature, which is based on the body's innate healing abilities that are granted to us from our Father above and Mother Nature. Aligning with these natural laws will bring healing and restore proper balance in the body. It is by identifying and treating the root cause and treating the whole person that helps the client learn why their body is experiencing the symptoms and dis-eases that are manifesting in the body. Naturopaths teach their clients so that they can learn through the process and know the right decisions to make moving forward. It prevents a necessity for the client to rely on the practitioner to "help" them. Knowledge is power and it is the physician as teacher approach that empowers each person to take charge of their own health.

The best cure is prevention​ sums up Naturopathic Care at the core. For those that seek out care before they are extremely sick and dependent on medications will see the great reward of a life lived in pristine health.

As the popular saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


Not your usual doctor

Naturopaths address the same problems that medical doctors see every day in their office. However, instead of treating a patient with medications that suppress symptoms, Naturopaths work to find out what is causing the undesirable conditions. They are schooled to know how the body expresses nutritional deficiencies, the need to detoxify, weakened organ/glands, sensitivity to foods, emotional issues and more.

No compromising

The supplements that we recommend and carry in the office are naturally derived and made only from REAL food. They are made of the highest quality nutrition using only food-based nutrients that contain all enzymes, co-factors and other substances that insure absorption and optimal quality.

If your supplements are not coming from food sources, where ARE they coming from? Do you know? You may be surprised, but at least 97% of all vitamins used by consumers are synthetic; derived from chemically-treated crushed rocks and petroleum derivatives. The same supplements are often labeled as "natural" (as no one can prevent them to do so). Unless you know specifically where your nutritional supplements are coming from, chances are they are not coming from NATURAL sources!​

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