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Weight Loss Nutritional Plans

Illinois Naturopathy

Weight Loss 3-week RESET

By making simple nutrition adjustments, you can expect to lose weight, detox from sugar and carbs, and transition into a healthy eating routine that will feel sustainable. This 21-day plan helps to jump start any weight loss and diet plan with setting a firm foundation for the first few weeks and setting you on your path to success! $195

This plan includes:

  • Two 30-minute appointments (available in person or through zoom)
  • Daily contact via email, providing consistent support and accountability
  • Personalized whole food plan to detox body from sugar and carbs
  • Shopping guidance
  • Weight loss recipes based on your taste preferences and food sensitivities
  • Nutrition assessment

The typical weight lost on this plan is 10-15 pounds.

Weight Loss 6-week TRANSFORMATION

By making simple nutrition adjustments, you can expect to lose weight, reset your metabolism, and learn how to use whole-food nutrition to manage and reverse your symptoms. This 42-day plan will help you not only start your weight loss journey but lay a solid foundation with continual support and accountability that you can continue on your own for years to come! $375

This plan includes:

  • Five 30-minute appointments (available in person or through zoom)
  • Daily access to our Nutritionist via text and email, providing continual support and accountability
  • Healthy Pantry Makeover
  • Shopping guidance
  • Nutrition education
  • Social event support - restaurants, alcohol, and carbs - how to handle them and stay on track
  • Total Body detox
  • Learn how to maintain your weight
  • Weekly recipes based on taste preferences and food sensitivities.
  • Nutrition assessment

The typical weight loss range 15-25 pounds.

Extended Weight Loss Plans

Join for an extended plan to get all the benefits above with additional support and a discounted price! Some of our plans are available with monthly payment options as well.

10 Week Transformation - $595

3 Month Change-Your-Life Plan - $675 payed up front or $255 billed monthly

6 Month Change-Your-Life-Plan - $1245 payed up front or $215 billed monthly

Nutritional Weight Loss Appointments

Similar to our Naturopathic appointments, this is a 90 minute consultation that is centered around finding the root cause(s) to your imbalances and conditions. A food plan is put together to address your goals, nutritional status, food sensitivities, negative eating habits and lifestyle factors.

In addition, other natural healing factors will be addressed. This can consist of supplements, herbs and vitamins to bring about balance in the body to better reach your health goals. Our comprehensive team is ready to help you get your health (and weight) back on track!