What are Flower Essences?

Flower essences are natural remedies derived from flowers. Each essence contains a unique vibration and energy that helps balance emotions naturally.  Together, the 38 Bach flower essences work to address all negative and unwanted emotional imbalances in each person. The remedies are taken until the unwanted thoughts or feelings are no longer present. Using flower essences will help you to let go of harmful emotions and process them properly, releasing negative thoughts and behaviors in the process. They help restore proper emotional balance in the mind.

We know that flower essences can help you, so much so that we GUARANTEE you will see results! (Yes, we will give you your money back if they do not work!!) They do not interact with any medication, you cannot overdose and they are safe for all ages.

While there are remedies for almost all emotions, here are a few common imbalances:





Bad habits



Low self-esteem


Lack of focus/concentration


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Flower Essence Therapy

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How can they help you?

The remedies work on the soul qualities that are not in line with your true self. They work differently in each person, allowing you to be exactly who you were created to be. It is bringing you back to your true state of being that makes the flower essences so remarkable. They will bring courage to the frightened, strength to the weak, joy to those in grief and peace to the restless.

During an appointment, we use a series of questions to determine what essences would best help you. All 38 different essences are explored during your appointment, addressing all of your concerns. After a thorough exploration of specific emotions, a custom-made flower essence remedy will be made for you that will help you with your specific imbalances.

Flower essences are not a supplement that needs to be taken continually. Follow-ups are sometimes necessary to change the essences that are in your remedy, as you work through different emotions.

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