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What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are natural oils obtained from plant matter through distillation. They contain the characteristics of the plant matter in a very concentrated form, often known for their very strong aromatic properties. Essential oils are the life blood of the plant, they are what make the plants alive. 

They contain anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and anti-microbial qualities as well as properties that boost immune health, calm the nervous system, fight infections, boost feel good hormones, and bring emotional, physical and spiritual renewal.

Raindrop Treatment

Raindrop Treatment involves applying a series of essential oils on the feet and back along with relaxing massage techniques. The oils are focused on areas that help the back, spine and neck - helping with pain, disk issues, inflammation, sore muscles and more. 

During your treatment essential oils are applied on different relflex points on the feet that will help align your body.  Afterwards, oils are then dropped (like rain drops) onto your spine and feathered in, which is a relaxing, light touch. Massage techniques are then incorporated to relax the muscles and to help the oils to penetrate through to the spine, nerves and aching muscles.  Finally, a warm towel is placed on the back to complete the treatment as you sit and enjoy the warmth, aroma and soothing effects of the therapy. 

Most patients (if not all) actually GROW during their session, usually around an inch. This proves that this technique helps to elongate the spine and can benefit many with compressed disks, curvatures and more. Patients will also notice less pain, discomfort, easier time sleeping, improved emotional quality and much more!

Emotional Release Therapy

Emotional Release Therapy involves application of essential oils and flower essences on the feet and back while breathing in the scents, meditating on affirmations and praying for healing. This helps release emotional, spiritual and sometimes physical blocks. Typical complaints range from - stress, anxiety, unforgiveness, low self-esteem, anger, connecting more spiritually, feeling unbalanced, and so much more.

Oils are rubbed on the feet and then breathed in while affirmations are repeated and emotions are recognized, processed and eliminated. The oils and essences are put in specific parts of the body that correspond to emotions and any physical pain, often immediately providing relief. 

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Essential Oils