3. Pickup and pay for your order with cash/check. You will pick up your boxed produce that will be waiting for you. Pay only a 10% charge per order.

What is the usual cost of the produce?

The great thing about our group is that we carry the same produce that you see at your local Whole Foods or Trader Joes - we get our items from the same place they do, we just do not mark up the prices! You are paying wholesale prices when you order from us.

What we order changes every week, but most times we have about 30-50 different items available. Here are a few of the items we often order:

Bananas $0.92/lb

​Carrots $0.88/lb

Potatoes $3.60/3lb bag

Broccoli $1.69/bunch

Romaine lettuce $1.43/head

Avocados $0.94 each

Salad mix $2.51/8oz

Spinach $4.68/lb

Apples $4.63/3lb bag

Strawberries $3.69/lb

Eggs $3.65/dozen 

Honey $14.50/1.5lb jar

We carry all of the seasonal fruits such as berries in the summer, melons in the late summer/fall, citrus in the winter, etc. Usually we order fruits and vegetables that are in season, as these are better priced and the best quality. However, there are many different items to choose from, as their is MUCH available.

We carry items from local Illinois farms. Eggs from pasture-raised hens and grass-fed meats are available most times of the year. They come from local, small farmers in the area that treat their animals more like pets then livestock!

Group Buys

We are happy to announce that we are now offering group buys from Green Pasture. We also order raw almonds direct from farms in California. This insures that your almonds are truly raw, as all almonds sold in stores are either fumigated or steam pasteurized (yes, even if the package says they are raw, they are not!). 

Where does the produce come from?

The produce we order comes from all over the country. As much as we try to incorporate as much locally grown produce that we can, some foods such as bananas, pineapples, mangoes, avocados and other foods are impossible to obtain locally.

How often is pickup?

Naperville pickup is every other Monday at The Healing Place.

Pickup dates in 2015 - Jan 5th and 19th, Feb 2nd and 16th, March 2nd, 16th and 30th, April 13th and 27th , May 11th and 25th, June 8th and 22nd, July 6th and 20th, August 3rd, 17th and 31st, Sept 14th and 28th, Oct 12th and 26th, Nov 9th and 23rd, and Dec 7th and 21st.

Produce Boxes

We have recently added a new option to our pickups. We have pre-selected, wholesale produce boxes available at pickup.

Small fruit, vegetable or combination box contains at least 5lbs of mixed produce $14.00

Medium fruit, veg or combo box contains at least 10lbs $24.50

Large fruit, veg or combo box contains at least 20lbs $34.50

Office boxes contain easy to grab fruits (Small $19.00, Medium $30.50, Large $47.00)

Juice boxes contain fruits and vegetables that are commonly used in juicing (Medium $28.50, Large $42.00)

The Chef box is a mix of vegetables that are commonly used in cooking. At least 15lbs for $38.00

We started this group over 8 years ago, to bring healthy food to the public that everyone can afford. It is our mission, working in the field of Natural Health and Healing, to help our clients feed their bodies with real food and nutrition. To find out more about our services, visit our Holistic Services page. 

For more information or to sign up to order produce, send an email to NapervilleOrganics@gmail.com


Welcome to Illinois Organics! We offer organic produce to the public at wholesale prices.

How does it work?

1. You will receive an email early in the week containing 30-50+ different items that are available for ordering that week.

2. Submit an order including how much of each item you would like, no minimum or maximum.

Organic Produce pickup in Naperville

Wholesale, organic produce, eggs, meats and more!