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Wholesale Organic Produce
Pickup in Naperville, IL 
Pickup coming to our Coal City location in September 2014!!

Welcome to Illinois Organics! We offer wholesale, organic produce to the public at wholesale prices.

How does it work?


1. You will receive an email in your inbox early in the week containing  30-50+ different items that are available for the week.


2. You submit an order including how much of each item you want, no minimum or maximum and send it in by the end of the week.


3. Pickup and pay for your order.

Here you will pick up your boxed produce that will be waiting for you. Paying with a check or cash, there is only a 10% charge per order.

What is the usual cost of the produce?
The great thing about our group is that we carry the same produce you will see at your local Whole Foods or Trader Joes - we get our items from the same place they do, we just do not mark them up! You are paying wholesale prices when you order with us. 

What we order changes every week, but most times we have about 30-50 different items available. Here are a few prices to give you an idea:


Bananas $0.94/lb

Carrots $0.92/lb

Potatoes $0.99/lb

Broccoli $2.00/bunch

Onions $2.79/3# bag

Sweet potatoes $1.10/lb

Romaine hearts $2.30/3ct bag

Avocados $0.90/each

Salad Mix $2.51/8oz
Strawberries $3.99/lb

Apples $4.89/3# bag
Eggs (from pastured hens) $3.95/dozen


We, of course, do all the seasonal fruits such as berries in the summer, melons in the late summer/fall, citrus in the winter, etc. Usually what we order is what is in season, as that is the cheapest and best quality. But there are many different items to pick from, as the warehouse has MUCH available.


We also have items available from local Illinois farms. Eggs from pasture-raised hens and grass-fed meats are available most times of the year. These come from local, small farmers in the area and are offered at the cheapest price possible!

Group Buys
We are happy to announce that we are now offering group buys from Green Pasture, Mountain Rose Herbs, *truly* raw almond farmers and more. 

Where does the produce come from?
The produce comes from a large warehouse that supplies most of the organic produce to the Chicagoland area. We try to include as much local/USA grown food as possible. Some foods such as bananas, pineapples, and out of season produce will need to come from outside the USA.

How often is pickup?
The pickup for Naperville is every other Monday.
To see the dates of scheduled pickups go to our Calendar.

Produce Boxes
We have recently added a new option to our pickups. We now have pre-selected wholesale produce boxes available for pickup. Small boxes contain at least 10lbs and the large boxes contain at least 20lbs. These contain a large variety of fruit and/or vegetables.

Small Fruit Box $14                           Medium Fruit Box $24.50                           Large Fruit Box $35.50
Small Vegetable Box $14                  Medium Vegetable Box $24.50          Large Vegetable Box $35.50
Small Combo Box $14                        Medium Combo Box $24.50                    Large Combo Box $35.50

We started this group over 5 years ago, to bring healthy food to the public that is more affordable. It is our misson, working in the field of Natural Health and Healing, to help our clients feed their bodies with real food and nutrition. To find out more about our services available in all three pickup locations, visit our 
Holistic Services page.

For more information or to be added to a produce group, contact:
Naperville group -